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This year nothing can stop us! It's June 2022 and not even the tragic war in Ukraine, the ongoing Corona and the newest Abekopper will hold us back to celebrate the festival 50th anniversary. Of course we all need to keep that in mind. But it's also very much needed and healthy for the soul, to put it aside a little. And instead think about getting to know each other, experiencing communities, being present and letting go of the feeling of freedom.
That said, we can also announce good news. We have today created a new profile on Instagram. Finally it's set in motion and now we will continue to work on finding and displaying previously unreleased images from the festival site. Only pictures etc. from this years festival will probably be shown on Insta as a start.
Up in the left corner you can see new photos from this years preparation from all areas at the site. The countdown has began. So are you ready outthere. 8 days of fun, friendship, love, music, art, party and so much more. Because this is Roskilde and we will allways be unique. Lets celebrate that we finally can be together and appreciates that speciel atmosphere you only can find on Roskilde.
Given the very serious and sad global Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no festival in the year 2021. We are al-
most in shock over this consequence. Getting through this summer without Roskilde with all its good music, fine shops and food places and ofcourse all the happy, funny and party people, will be tough. But no virus or any-
thing else, must stop us from coming back even stronger in the year 2022 and more ready to party! Therefore we hope, that you will still sup-
port Roskilde and the many associations, that depend on the help for their voluntary work. So let´s make Roskilde´s postponed 50th anniversary a huge blast of a wild party with lots of sun, music, smile, hug, fun and cool pictures ; )
Update July ´20: See pics to the left from DR´s tv program with mini koncerts. Taken on the saturday where thousands of people would party all night long.