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(2019!) Not even one month to go before we once again crash Roskilde. And we are so exited. Its early June, and we visit the camp site and especially Dream City. Hard working people at "Klubhuset" and "No name yet - Ølympics" was in a high mood along the quiet swan couple by the lake. It gets bigger, the sound higher and with more light show!
A Insta profile is released within a week with other pics from all of the years.
Only a week left and we visit the festival area once again and took pics of the hoisting of the Orange tent and found the marvelous "Sovebyen" with the many sweet enthusiasts.
Few days left and we are working on the website and makes small adjustments. The Orange babe gift bags are being packaged for our three possible participants.
The party has started with lots of sun and warmth. The first pics from the festival is now on the website. Keep up the good mood ;)
On a windy and a bit rainy Monday we use the time to make new clothes with our logo at Camp Tee which is both skilled and cheap.
Early Tuesday and again with to much wind. But later there was plenty of sun and pics of sweet and happy party people.
The opening day is pretty chilly but we warm ourselves with good food and music. Eventhough Cardi B should have played some motherfucking more songs!
Due to bad weather Thursday we only took pics for the annual nude run in Dream City.
Friday shows off its best side with delicious weather and plenty of festive people. We also found this year's sweet and beautiful Orange Babe.
The last day, Saturday started again with wind and rain. So we arrived first in the early evening and took the last pics.
Sunday we update the website and insert the last pics. Hopefully everyone will come home safely.
See U again in ´21. Merry X-mas & Happy New Year.
Given the very serious and sad global Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no festival in the year 2021. We are al-
most in shock over this consequence. Getting through this summer without Roskilde with all its good music, fine shops and food places and ofcourse all the happy, funny and party people, will be tough. But no virus or any-
thing else, must stop us from coming back even stronger in the year 2022 and more ready to party! Therefore we hope, that you will still sup-
port Roskilde and the many associations, that depend on the help for their voluntary work. So let´s make Roskilde´s postponed 50th anniversary a huge blast of a wild party with lots of sun, music, smile, hug, fun and cool pictures ; )
Update July ´20: See pics to the left from DR´s tv program with mini koncerts. Taken on the saturday where thousands of people would party all night long.